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The staff of Krutzfeldt & Jones, Attorneys at Law

Serving eastern Montana including the communities of Miles City, Hysham, Colstrip, Forsyth, Jordan, Terry, Sidney, Glendive, Baker, Ekalaka and Broadus since 1971

The staff of Krutzfeldt & Jones, Attorneys at Law

From left to right: Mija Nemec • Janette Krutzfeldt Jones • Lori Reed • William J. Krutzfeldt • Linda Conard • Erica D. Griffith

In the beginning, Krutzfeldt & Jones was the Krutzfeldt Law Office, which began serving clients in 1971 with a foundation rooted in providing service to Miles City and its agricultural business community. Attorney, and founder of Krutzfeldt Law Office, William J. Krutzfeldt began his private practice with the unusual combination of: the skills and work ethic of a Montana cowboy and the education of a lawyer.


The next generation of Krutzfeldt attorney, Janette Krutzfeldt Jones joined the firm in 1995. It was at that time that the name was changed to Krutzfeldt & Jones, Attorneys at Law. The pairing of the talents of these two attorneys yielded the perfect mix to better serve the now broader range of eastern Montana enterprises. The number of business, agriculture and specialty clients in eastern Montana had grown substantially since the firm opened its doors in 1971, especially in Miles City, Hysham, Colstrip, Forsyth, Jordan, Terry, Sidney, Glendive, Baker, Ekalaka and Broadus. And not only was the number of clients growing, but the types of businesses those clients operated was expanding rapidly as well. The introduction of Janette's expertise and professionalism dovetailed perfectly into the “get it done without fuss” operating premise of the firm. Krutzfeldt & Jones, Attorneys at Law, was now able to provide its trademark efficient and practical resolutions of clients’ issues and needs to more clients — clients with a much more diverse set of needs.


Today, Krutzfeldt & Jones, Attorneys at Law has continued adhering to the founding principles of Krutzfeldt Law Office by building our practice to include six select, highly skilled and dedicated professionals. Professionals who are fully invested in a law firm that is committed to serving eastern Montana’s business, estate, agricultural, mineral, real estate and special interest legal needs. The attorneys and staff of Krutzfeldt & Jones are wholly committed to serving the needs of our clients in a uniquely professional manner that encompasses respect for privacy, efficiency, timeliness and quality outcomes. The firm's actions, communications, documents and service place profound priority on confidentiality, value and an exemplary legal product and experience.


The attorneys and staff of Krutzfeldt & Jones help clients resolve problems, complete projects and improve business functions. The firm is intent on making the legal process understandable and manageable for the client — so that the client can achieve the desired business, professional and personal goals.


As eastern Montana grows and develops, Krutzfeldt & Jones, Attorneys at Law will remain the premier law firm — the law firm that earns and retains the privilege of handling your legal business and affairs.



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