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Q: Does Krutzfeldt & Jones handle cases in Glendive & Sidney?

Q: Is there somewhere online that I can find out more about the law, and my rights?

Q: Is there really any difference between a guardianship and a conservatorship?

A: Yes, we handle cases throughout Montana, with special focus on eastern Montana and the communities of Miles City, Hysham, Colstrip, Forsyth, Jordan, Terry, Sidney, Glendive, Baker, Ekalaka and Broadus.

A: Yes, we provide a number of links to very informative websites on our Useful Links page. Visit that page to find out more about the law, as well as other convenient links to places our clients frequently visit.

A: Yes, indeed there are differences. Because there are so many similarities between guardianships and conservatorships, people often mistakenly think they are the same things. In fact, the first, and possibly most important decision regarding the afforded protections, may well be determining  which is best: a guardianship or a conservatorship?

Q: We are going to buy a home from a man who owns his home and lot outright. We are making a down payment and then we will make mortgage payments to him for 15 years. Can you create a contract for something like this?

A: Yes, we have extensive experience in real estate legal and financial matters and can create a binding contract, including rent-to-own agreements. We may also suggest other steps for your protection, such as a title search.

Q: My uncle has been approached by a company that wants to do some exploration for minerals on his property. They want him to sign a "standard" agreement for doing this. Should he just sign that?

A: We would strongly suggest that he have our firm, or any firm experienced in oil and gas matters, review the agreement before he signs it. There is, possibly, no reason for him not to sign it. However, once he signs it, if he has relinquished certain rights, reacquiring those rights might become difficult and costly, or even impossible. In matters of such great importance, a legal opinion from an experienced attorney is always advisable.


Q: Does Krutzfeldt & Jones handle divorce cases?

A: No, we do not handle divorce cases.

Q: Does Krutzfeldt & Jones handle criminal cases?

A: No, we do not handle criminal cases.

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